We invite you to join us on MedNeed to help improve access to medical care.

Vendors work with MedNeed in various ways including:

Participating in the MedNeed credit payment program.

Providing vendor specific financing.

Giving product offers and discounts.

Offers like product discounts and incentives listed on MedNeed help more medical facilities save some cost as they procure more of the equipment and supplies they need to deliver improved and affordable care to more people.

To have a product offer listed on MedNeed, the vendor or manufacturer must agree to the following terms:

The product should meet all applicable regulatory requirements and certifications.

The product should have a unique identification and be traceable back to the origin.

The product should come with a reasonable warranty depending on the type of product.

The product should be made available on MedNeed at the minimum price obtainable.

MedNeed reserves the right to withdraw a product offer from the platform if the product is found to be substandard or defective or if vendors do not provide adequate services to users.

Key Benefits

The product will be added on the MedNeed platform where thousands of intending buyers will see it.

The product will be recommended to users who need loans if requested.

Vendors/manufacturers get more value and returns from MedNeed than from conventional marketing and sales channels since most users on MedNeed are already willing to buy.

MedNeed gives some vendors/manufacturers a better way to explore new markets and introduce new products.

The product will be shared on MedNeed updates.

The product will be shared on our social media channels.

The product will be shared on our general and subspecialty newsletters as applicable.

The product will get promotions during events and outreach programs as relevant.

The product promotions will be targeted to markets specified by the vendor/manufacturer.

Other valid product offers will equally be shared and promoted without additional charges.

Plus vendors/manufacturers will be helping to improve access to medical care for more people.

Vendors and manufacturers can choose either of two subscription paths:

Yearly Subscription

Amount: $199

Duration: 12 months

Quarterly Subscription

Amount: $99

Duration: 3 months

Please Note

We need to agree on the commission per sale made through MedNeed. (Granted some users may learn about the product on MedNeed and may eventually buy but not through MedNeed and that’s fine too.)

Using our voucher program, we give 80% of this commission to users who use the voucher as an incentive to save them some cost so they buy more products they need.

Users can buy the product from any approved vendor and get the discounts with the voucher as soon as the authenticity of the product is confirmed. (This is an additional way to ensure that users buy the right product from the right source.)

The subscription payment helps us as we continue improving the MedNeed platform to make it better and more useful for all users.

User feedback will be dully sent to the vendor/manufacturer for product improvement.

Our mission is to make it easier for medical faciliites to have what they need and we want to find new partners that want to support us in this.

Please let us know if you have questions or recommendations.