We invite you to join us on MedNeed and help improve access to medical care in communities by providing loans and financing incentives to eligible medical facilities.

Loans with more suitable terms and other financing incentives help more medical facilities that need financing to procure more of the equipment and supplies they need to deliver improved and affordable care to more people.

To provide financing on MedNeed, the financing provider must agree to the following terms:

The financing provider should meet all applicable regulatory requirements and certifications as applicable and be willing to provide financing for medical equipment on more suitable terms.

MedNeed reserves the right to withdraw the financing provider from the platform if found making any false claim or providing inadequate services to users.

Key Benefits

The financing provider will be added to the platform to be available to thousands of medical facilities.

The financing provider will be directly recommended to users who need loans as applicable.

The financing provider will be able to provide full or part of loans as applicable.

Since most medical facilities on MedNeed are better clients for financial services, financing providers get more value and returns from MedNeed than from conventional marketing and sales channels.

The MedNeed prequalification process and understanding of the clients means more assurance and less challenge with loan repayment and collection.

MedNeed gives most financing providers a better way to explore new markets and gain more clients.

The financing provider will be shared on MedNeed updates.

The financing provider will be shared on our social media channels.

The financing provider will be shared on our weekly general and subspecialty newsletters as applicable.

The financing provider will receive additional promotion during events and outreach programs as relevant.

Other valid offers from the financing provider will equally be shared and promoted without additional charges.

The promotions will be targeted to the markets specified by the financing provider.

Plus the financing provider will be helping to improve access to medical care for more people.

Lenders and Investors can choose either of two subscription paths:

Yearly Subscription

Amount: $199

Duration: 12 months

Quarterly Subscription

Amount: $99

Duration: 3 months

Processing Loans

Loan requests from prequalified and eligible medical facilities are sent to all relevant financing providers on MedNeed (based on each financing provider’s preferences).

The financing provider reviews each loan request and makes a loan offer with the terms and requirements as applicable.

The financing provider can choose to make a full or part offer or pass the request as it deems fit for each loan request.

MedNeed presents the loan offers with the terms and requirements to the medical facilities for acceptance or rejection as they deem fit.

As soon as a loan offer is accepted by a medical facility, MedNeed works with the financing provider to process the loan and provide the funds.

After processing the loan, MedNeed works with the medical facility to ensure that the equipment is dully procured and delivered.

The medical facility starts repayment as specified in the terms.

Additional Services by MedNeed

Development of credit models for loan approvals and pricing.

Verifying and prequalifying the medical facilities, performing credit checks, understanding the practice requirements and income level, and filtering out the unqualified medical facilities.

Work with lenders and investors to collect payments from borrowers who are delinquent or in default.

Legal compliance and reporting.

Send user feedback to the financing provider for continuous improvement.

Our mission is to make it easier for medical faciliites to have what they need and we want to find new partners that want to support us in this.

Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations.