MedNeed enables medical facilities that need loans for medical equipment and supplies procurement to quickly find lenders and investors.

How it works

The medical facility completes and submits application.

MedNeed does due diligence to confirm the need for the loan.

MedNeed works with the medical facility to find the most suitable vendor or manufacturer for the equipment or supplies.

MedNeed indentifies the most suitable lenders or investors to fulfill the loan request.

Potential lenders and investors review the loan request and fulfill the loan request.

The medical facility accepts the most suitable lender or investor for loan.

The funds are made available for the equipment or supplies as soon as the same day or within a week of the acceptance of the loan.

MedNeed works with the medical facility to ensure that the equipment or supplies is procured and delivered accordingly.

The medical facility starts repayments as agreed in the terms of loan.

Paying MedNeed

The medical facility pays MedNeed a flat fee of $99 or 0.2% of the loan whichever is greater.

Payment is made only after a suitable loan is secured for equipment or supplies procurement.

Contact MedNeed Support: +2348088829216, [email protected]