It took us way longer than expected to get back here. While there have been challenges and distractions along the way, the major hurdle we have had is that we have been sort of chasing perfection too much.

It’s totally impressive to look totally impressive before getting out there. But then the question is do we really need to be so impressive to help people? At the core, we set up MedNeed to help people and now specifically help medical facilities and professionals get the equipment and supplies needed to deliver improved and affordable medical care to more people. And the question again is do we really need to be totally impressive to start being useful to our users?

MedNeed helping save

We have been up for a while but then had to go offline to improve our platform and refine our focus. However, we spent so much time trying to refine things and look better than we have been which is fine but not quite necessary. The thing is while we took so long going through various iterations and pivots and in some cases complicating things unnecessary, we should already be out there helping make improved and affordable medical care accessible to more people and also getting real feedback.

Again it is totally impressive to look totally impressive before going out to help people. But then imagine how many medical facilities and professionals we could have potentially helped to get the tools they need to deliver improved and affordable care to more people all these while.

MedNeed helping save

The lesson is this; while it is fine to get every aspect of new projects look and work alright, everything must not absolutely look and work as intended before starting to be useful. For some projects, the core functionality and every other little detail can continue being developed while users continue to experience the project and give real feedback.

In fact, this invaluable feedback can help ensure we are building what people really want and solving their problem in the most suitable way as against taking so much time to build and launch what people may not really want. The earlier we get real feedback the better, even if it means doing some processes manually. The real feedback we get helps ensure we continue to get it right overall.

So finally the MedNeed platform is back up. Actually, we have a lot of work to do to even get to the version 1 of the core product. But then we are happy to be out there already helping our users get the tools they need to make their life and everyone else better.